About Me

I am a lifelong vegetarian from Brighton (England’s vegetarian capital!) and rather obsessive about eating and cooking good food.  Many people think vegetarians are ‘missing out’ but for me, it’s quite the opposite; I love discovering and continuing to discover the world of different ingredients and the creativity they offer.

About 4 years  ago I became involved with the Bonnington cafe http://www.bonningtoncafe.co.uk . This is a collectively run vegetarian/vegan restaurant with a different chef cooking each day of the week. I was coming here as a customer for some years before this (and in fact continue to visit the cafe in this capacity). I still think the quirky friendly atmosphere of the cafe make it one of the best places to go for a meal out; be it a special occasion,  hot date or a working lunch break. Anyway of course I’m not at all biased.

My food is inspired by world travel and I cook dishes that stem from a multitude of diverse cultures, most often focusing on my love of flavours from the Middle East and Asia. Trips will invariably involve some hanging around local kitchens attempting to persuade the chef to teach me their tricks of the trade.

Currently I cook at Bonnington cafe on the 3rd Monday of the month. I can also cater for private dinner parties, pop-up supper clubs, business events and retreats.

I am recognised by the vegetarian society who awarded me the cordon vert professional diploma.



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